jess (your_so_fashion) wrote in couture_club,

Name: Jess
Age: 16
Location: So. Cal
Favorite designers: Vera Wang, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel
Least favorite designers: There isn't one that really pops into my head.
Favorite fragrance: Vera Wang
Favorite color: Pink, Yellow, Green
Favorite article of clothing(if you have more than one list them all): My yellow off the should sweater, my american rag jeans, and my cord. ballet flats
Describe your style: Vintage & Preppy
Languages you are fluent in: English
Planning to major in fashion or design?: After I get my degree in Child Psych.
Favorite fashion model or icon: Princess Di, Audrey Hepburn, & Jackie O. (its a three way tie)
Anorexia: I had a couple friends who were anorexic. People don't realize how malnutrition effects your body so greatly. You can't deprive yourself of food without having sever consequences.
Fake handbags: They make me laugh. Some of them look so real but then others are obviously fake. Example- In almost every mall they have the kiosk with the "impression purses". They always have the white lv murikami bag that has the symobls % & ! instead of the LV.
Black & white pictures: It hides imperfections :)! They are extremely timeless and classic.
Vogue: Love it. I always get inspired to major in fashion & design when i look through it.
Uggs: I have a pair. They are extremely comfy, but I hate when people wear them in midsummer with a mini skirt. They are too keep your feet fashionably warm!
Abercrombie & fitch: I like some of the stuff but the majority is poorly made and their clothes run small. I've got boobs, and that doesnt exactly work with their t shirts.
Yves Saint Laurent: -
Ellen Tracy: -
Dooney & Bourke: Wallet
Coach: Bag
Christian Dior: -
Coco Chanel: Eyeshadow
Burberry: -
Kate Spade: -
Ann Taylor: -
Bcbg: Dress
Tiffany & co: Bracelet
Versace: -
Pucci: -
Gucci: -
Prada: -
7 for all man kind: -
Ralph Lauren: Shirt
Guess?: Jeans
Estee Lauder: -
Armani: -
Bvalgari: -
Bottega Veneta: -
Miu Miu: -
MaxMara: -
Gianfranco Ferre: -
Vera Wang: Perfume <3
*post pictures of your favorite outfit from wherever, it can be just parts of an outfit so it doesn't have to be together.
^ i dont have a usb port to load my pictures in. as soon as i get one or do it @ a friends, i will post a picture. ^
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