Zivane (zivane) wrote in couture_club,

Name: Jessica (changing it)
Age: 18
Location: Jacksonville, Florida (relocating in a year and a half)
Favorite designers: Armani (all of them), Dior, French Connection UK, and PunkyFish is fun stuff
Least favorite designers: just about anything that is easily found at the mall here
Favorite fragrance: not a name brand, i prefer the scent of bergamot (based in northern italy, go if you get the chance)
Favorite color: purple + orange
Favorite article of clothing(if you have more than one list them all): my black dress from Betsy Johnson, a black velvet cape I designed, pink MuiMui skirt
Describe your style: a little elegant gothic lolita, a little preppy, and almost always colourful
Languages you are fluent in: English, French, Italian (learning German and Russian and Japanese soon)
Planning to major in fashion or design?: I wish! I have preference for cosmetics though...
Favorite fashion model or icon: Milla Jovovich (in her modeling days mostly)
Anorexia: just don't kill yourself. thin is pretty. fat is not.
Fake handbags: for people other than me, if you want one, get it
Black & white pictures: beautiful with the right amount of skill (but easier to take than good colour ones!)
Vogue: nice easy thing to get ahold of and look at
Uggs: comfy
Abercrombie & fitch: it's at the mall. most girls i see wearing it look awful to begin with. it's pre-shredded. it's pre-faded. stuff i don't believe in. but again, if you want it, go for it. hopefully you help make it look good. but they do great advertising, i must say.
Yves Saint Laurent: niente
Ellen Tracy: niente
Dooney & Bourke: niente (that i know of)
Coach: bag, bracelet, two dog collars and leashes, various belts, and accessories
Christian Dior: earrings, corset bag, belt choker, Dior bracelet, J'adore DIor t-shirt (everyone should own one)
Coco Chanel: make-up mostly
Burberry: bag, the umbrella, perfumes
Kate Spade: bag
Ann Taylor: nothing (it's at the mall here in town, against my beliefs)
Bcbg: niente
Tiffany & co: i wish
Versace: saw stuff in Firenze, didn't like what they had at the time, so, niente
Pucci: niente
Gucci: glasses, 2 bags
Prada: shoes, black skirt
7 for all man kind: niente
Ralph Lauren: everything (pants, shirts, coats, sheets, towels, home accessories, hats, scarves)
Guess?: tanktops
Estee Lauder: niente
Armani: glasses from Emporio, skirts, shirts, pants, t-shirts, (everything) from Armani Exchange, a dress from Georgiou (even though it's at the mall)
Bvalgari: niente
Bottega Veneta: niente
Miu Miu: cutest shoes ever, pink skirt
MaxMara: jeans
Gianfranco Ferre: niente
Vera Wang: niente
Louis Vuitton: infamous bags

Pink MiuMiu skirt, Dior bracelet, Dior earrings, MAC make-up, and some truly random shirt from a brand I've never heard of (rubber ducky, cute). can't them, but also have on the cutest MiuMiu shoes ever. when i tried this on, the woman helping me said i looked like a doll. hehe. and the bag is Gucci.

and just a little side-note... i do have an opinion on couture itself. true couture is more about aesthetics than functionality. couture has nothing to do with what is currently trendy even though it is incredibly up-to-date and always changing. it's more the... elite, should we say?, of the fashion world in my opinion. but, just saying that so it's there!

also, i have preference for the couture make-up and such as well.
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