thecouturebitch (thecouturebitch) wrote in couture_club,

louis v. + uggs

Do you guys like the purse?
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yepp!! i have one like that. LOVE the uggs, where'd u get them!?! and for how much?!
I got the Uggs in Tyson's Corner (VA) at... Bloomingdale's, I think.
They were $115 with tax.
Then there's the stain repellant spray/lotion stuff that you are supposed to's only $8. I haven't gotten it yet but my mom is going to pick some up soon.
I <3 UGGS i love them they look so cute with denim minis!
very nice..
*have the uggs
*love the bag
louis vuitton is getting too ridiculous. like everyone has a bag its so annoying.